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FAQ: Advertise on ALEOU

1. What is the monthly attendance WWW.ALEOU.FR?
Today Aleou account more than 56 000 users / month (ie 56 different visitors in the same month).

2. Does ALEOU have as many users as other seminar venue guides?
ALEOU has a higher number of users than most seminar venue guides dedicated to professionals. In particular some very famous sites present for several years.

3. Why does ALEOU have so many users?
Particularly Thanks to its excellent natural search on google steadily increasing.

4. Some guides appear more unique visitors qu'ALEOU ...?
Aleou.fr is a guide to seminar venues dedicated solely to professionals. Most of the other sites with more unique visitors also target individuals looking for rooms for private events (weddings, birthdays, baptisms, etc.), which significantly increases the number of visitors.

If you want to develop your seminar part, you should favor a website dedicated to the professionals offering only seminar venues as proposed aleou.fr

5. How Aleou made to be so listed on google?
Aleou is listed on google for several reasons:

  • Optimized pages for a good SEO
  • A comprehensive site : + 11000 seminar venues and more than + 6000 providers.
  • A website updated (More 300 pages updated each month)
  • Unique content. One of the only guides offering so many seminar venues with so much information on each location.
  • A loyalty rate visitors rising steadily
  • More 1000 websites internet referencing aleou.fr
  • A team that invests !

All these parameters are the major criteria for SEO on GOOGLE!

6. How can I expect more visitors on my page?
Depending on the level of partnership or advertising that you take, you can multiply by the number of visitors 20 (CAD more 1000 visits / month)

7. How Aleou seminars for me?
Most visitors contact you directly without introducing themselves on behalf of ALEOU or even without remembering that they arrived on your website via ALEOU. However, we have been able to evaluate with certain establishments that the percentage of seminar requests in relation to the number of visits varies between 1% and 5%, i.e. between 10 and 50 seminar requests for 1 visits.

8. How Aleou organizes seminars every month?
Even if most visitors contact you directly, ALEOU processes more than 900 requests for seminars/month (constantly increasing!) and organizes more than 700 seminars/month.

9. What are the references Aleou?
Aleou organized seminars for hundreds of companies, such as:

10. How can I reference my venue on Aleou?
For locations of seminars, simply create a login and password and create a listing. SEO on Aleou free.
For providers, contact us by email. We now want to limit the number of providers, but SEO is still open in some cases (with link exchange).

11. My is already on the site, but I lost my password?
You can retrieve them directly from the site or contact us by email (info@aleou.fr) or by telephone (+33 164 333 333). Do not hesitate to contact us, we can offer you different types of partnerships.

12. My establishment is present in Aleou, but I do not appear on the first pages: How can I improve my ranking?
To improve your ranking you must take a pack or become a partner. Contact us by email (info@aleou.fr) or by phone (+33 164 333 333).

13. I have noticed pages on the ALEOU site dedicated to certain seminar destinations (Marseille, Paris, Lyon, Lille, etc.) listed on the first page of Google: How can I highlight my establishment on these pages?
All you have to do is become a partner or take out advertising space: contact us by email (info@aleou.fr) or by telephone (+33 164 333 333).

14. Who can advertise on www.aleou.fr?
All places in France up a meeting at least 10 people

  • Hotels in 2 5 stars
  • Meeting places in the city centre, in the countryside, by the sea, in the mountains...
  • Institutions that can accommodate at least 10 people in meeting
  • Establishments belonging to chains or large groups and independent
  • Historical monuments and modern buildings for meetings
  • Institutions in France
  • The halls and rooms without accommodation
  • Boats, barges, unusual venues, restaurants business ...

The providers of events can also advertise on aleou.fr:

  • Catering
  • Home - Security
  • Communication-Pub
  • Floral decoration
  • Supplies for exhibitions
  • Printer
  • conference interpreters
  • Rental equipment - Furniture
  • translation equipment
  • Photographers
  • audiovisual realization
  • PA - video projection
  • fitter
  • Marquees
  • Prestige car
  • videoconferencing
15 - Who completes the sheets on ALEOU?
The user / places directly by clicking on the link of an application or by creating an account.

16- Who adds the photos?
The user / places directly by clicking on the link of an application or by creating an account. We make every effort to verify the conformity of the photos for which we are not responsible for the distribution. However, if one of them is not / no longer compliant, the user can notify us directly by email / telephone so that it can be deleted without delay.