Organizing a team-building

Team building is a word of English origin meaning " team building »

A team building is organized to develop collective values ​​within a companySuch as cohesion, interdependence, or boosting the involvement of the team.

Through event-related activitiesOften collective and interactive nature (sports, cultural, artistic or creative) participants cultivate their abilities to work in teams and so many values ​​can be highlighted.

Regardless of the size of your company or your department, team cohesion is an essential element to advance your projects, achieve the objectives set, ... the performance of your brand, your product, will only be a success if your teams are united.

"Alone we go faster, together we go further" African proverb

Why organize a team-building?

  • Maybe your work team is new: people don't know each other well yet?
  • Current projects are individualized: why not discuss each other's points of view and ideas, brainstorm together to unblock any difficulties?
  • Are you dispersed over several sites or some of you are teleworking: do your employees feel the need to meet again?
  • Tensions are felt between colleagues: shouldn't we go outside the company and discuss?
  • Your team needs to be reboosted / re-motivated: do you feel a weariness or a lack of motivation among some?
  • The results of the year are very good: how to reward the work of the team?

How to organize a team-building?

First, define the type of team-building best suited to your team: your cohesion seminar must be thought out, personalized according to your expectations, your objectives, but also according to the profile of the participants.

Think about the best formula to make your seminar a success and thus achieve the desired cohesion. Here are some things to think about:

  • Should we do the seminar over a day or in residential?
  • Should we stay in the company or relocate? in the city ? at the Green light ? in the mountains ? by the seaside ?
  • Define the organization: the share of time worked versus the share of animation time?
  • What kind of entertainment / activity to plan: fun? athletic ? cultural? creative? culinary? with or without challenge? with or without reward? The list of possible team-building activities is not exhaustive!
The common thread of your project should always stay in mind: you are looking for cohesion in your team. To do this, remember to involve all of your employees in this project. Sharing and team spirit will drive the success of your seminar.

You may be telling yourself that this is not the time to put a budget into this type of event: consider it an investment for the development and sustainability of the company.
See the beneficial benefits for the good of the company:
  • Your employees will leave the seminar more united.
  • You will have given or given them back the desire to work as a team: unity is strength!
This type of seminar showed the improvement of the integration, the atmosphere, the concentration, the performance and therefore ultimately the productivity of companies.

The idea is catching on in your head… and you only see advantages in it, don't you?

ALEOU can take care of the organization of your corporate team building free of charge.

The benefits of team-Building include:

  • Exceeding oneself
  • Solidarity
  • Stress management
  • Team cohesion
  • Membership in the company culture
  • Improving professional relationships
  • Creating a group spirit
  • Improved communication
  • The development of qualities of each
  • Self-confidence

The playful group events supervised by a professional strengthen the bonds of participants and allow back in business performance improvement and motivation of participants.

There are several team-building activities:

  • Art workshop
  • theater workshop
  • music workshop
  • Orienteering
  • Flash Mob
  • Olympics
  • photo rally,
  • Sport whitewater
  • cultural visits
  • ...

When to organize a team-building?

Summer is the hottest period when the sunshine is at its peak with long days ahead for you to enjoy the team building activities outdoors. Between the pure mountain air or the salty sea air, all the activities are available to you to liven up your seminars. In addition, It is recognized that the effects of the sun influence our well-being, makes us in a good mood and more altruistic. This is an opportunity to energize and strengthen your teams by favoring this period for your seminars or any other professional event.
Our project managers dedicated to SOS Events / Aleou, will suggest activities between mountain and sea, in order to have fun in the company of your employees and your customers:

In the mountains, a change of scenery and a cure for your team-building ...

Sport: grass skiing, mountain biking, climbing and rafting are all activities that will push your teams to surpass themselves, through endurance challenges to strengthen team cohesion.
Hiking or orienteering courses: economical and accessible to all, are those that require the least equipment. The stations will offer you adapted routes, from the most novice to the most experienced. The travel time will be chosen according to your timing to more easily combine your activities and work meetings.
During our Meeting pro events, our clients took advantage of the proximity in the mountains to local producers to discover the region and its products, orchestrate tasting and cultural events or simply plan an aperitif lunch or dinner to create a moment of conviviality in the heart of nature.

By the sea, anti-stress and spa treatment, priority to aquatic activities for your team-building ...

Sport: raid or rally, whether surfing, jet skiing, windsurfing, catamaran, sand yachting or paddle boarding, the sea is an unpredictable environment that will surprise your teams and lead them to think together to overcome obstacles.
The beach, an environment conducive to relaxation and creativity: there you will find natural coworking workshops by adopting giant sculpture, challenge games or drawing on the sand. These activities will encourage your employees to develop their imagination and creativity.
Treasure hunts and escape ranges will allow your employees to develop their taste for challenges and strengthen their ties.
Take advantage of the idyllic seaside setting to organize a giant picnic, a tasting of seafood to combine good humor and flavor during your day and thus, sharpen all the senses of your employees or admire the landscape, while of a horseback ride.
Our services are at your entire disposal for any suggestion of activities during the summer period so that your day is perfect and with lots of unforgettable memories linked to your event.

What state of mind for a team-building?

Here is the big day, the one where you have the opportunity to prove not only your skills, but also to challenge your boss on "neutral" ground during a day of seminar, during a team building. This mission can prove to be perilous: it's like stepping into a ring without a box glove or jumping from the top of the Eiffel Tower without rubber bands.
However, with an ounce of temerity, skill, as well as certain well-defined rules you will be able to achieve this, Aleou shares with you some applied advice whose effects will be beneficial in your ascent:
  • Ensuring Team Cohesion: There is strength in unity, so do not hesitate to set up a strategy with your team to achieve all the objectives targeted during the activities.
  • Adopt a common reflection: any ideas or decision will be discussed and weighed upstream, or shared and estimated in order to distinguish as closely as possible the consequences and the results.
  • Discernment and Altruism: reassure and support your team, target its weak and strong points that make it up, in order to put in place the right levers. So you will highlight the values ​​of each one that you will use according to the steps to be taken.
  • Reveal yourself: properly exposing your doubts or weaknesses allows others to get to know you better and to humanize you. This will encourage your team to reveal theirs but also to give you support and create an impulse to move forward and thus overcome all obstacles to achieve the set goals.
  • In a unifying spirit: Advise and guide your colleagues to encourage them to move forward and persevere in their efforts, in order to guarantee the total success of your mission.
So good luck to all of you during your team building activities. Importantly, remember above all that your boss can be part of your team, during the selections.