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Organize a team building and seminar in a restaurant in Champagne-Ardenne
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- List of restaurants where to organize your team building and seminar in Champagne-Ardenne.
- Discover a list of restaurants where you can carry out your team building and seminar in the departments: Bulge, Dawn, Haute-Marne, Marne

Also check out the others restaurants in the main towns in Champagne-Ardenne: Reims, Chalons-en-Champagne, Rethel, Nogent-sur-Seine, Damery, Sept-Saulx, The Widow, Bouranton, Pringy, Mesnil-Saint-Père, Cherry blossoms.

Rental of seminar and team building rooms in a restaurant in Champagne-Ardenne

16 establishments found
Tribeca Bistrot - Seminar location in Pringy (51)
In a vast space of 300m2, the restaurant and the 2 mezzanines can accommodate groups of 10 to 30 people for lunches or effective work meetings in a calm and inspiring place.
Max capacity: 30
Rooms: 2
Restaurant Café de la Paix - Seminar location in Reims (51)
The Café de la Paix restaurant, a lively brewery renowned for its fish and seafood specialties, also offers a varied menu for the most down-to-earth.
Max capacity: 30
Rooms: 1
Brasserie Excelsior Reims - Seminar location in Reims (51)
For all your events, think about the group offers of the Excelsior Reims Brewery. We can accommodate up to 120 people on the ground floor and 65 people in our private room with balcony upstairs.
Max capacity: 120
Rooms: 2
Restaurant l'Apostrophe - Seminar location in Reims (51)
World and traditional cuisine. Dishes prepared in a traditional way by a team from various horizons.
Max capacity: 50
Rooms: 1
Le Belvédère - Seminar location in Mesnil-Saint-Père (10)
The Belvedere, located in Mesnil-Saint-Père, is unique. It was built as a movie theatre, with the Orient Forest Lake as a screen.
Max capacity: 45
Rooms: 1
Le Boulingrin - Seminar location in Reims (51)
The Brasserie du Boulingrin provides you with its large living room very bright and completely redone and equipped. It is possible to close this show to guarantee the confidentiality of the group.
Max capacity: 28
Rooms: 1
Restaurant les Caudalies - Seminar location in Châlons-en-Champagne (51)
Treasures from the past, contemporary dishes, soft colors, the three rooms that can accommodate 100 people are a real jewel underlining again advantage of the kitchen that is available.
Max capacity: 100
Rooms: 3
Bedrooms : 1
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La Vigneraie - Seminar location in Reims (51)
La Vigneraie is a famous gastronomic stopover located in the heart of Reims, a stone's throw from the cathedral and the pedestrian zone.
Max capacity: 40
Rooms: 1
Au Bateau Lavoir - Seminar location in Damery (51)
The boat wash, restaurant located on the banks of the Marne to Damery near Epernay, offers a quiet and pleasant quality gastronomic map.
Max capacity: 70
Rooms: 2
La Source Bleue - Seminar location in Gudmont Villiers sur Marne (52)
In Haute-Marne, a few kilometers north of Chaumont and very close to Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises where the Charles de Gaulle Memorial is held, the 3-star hotel Restaurant la Source Bleue welcomes you, in the heart of Champagne, for your private or professional stays.
Max capacity: 16
Rooms: 3
Bedrooms : 12
Sanglier Des Ardennes - Seminar location in Rethel (08)
Hotel located in the city center with free parking.
Max capacity: 60
Rooms: 2
Bedrooms : 11
La Mangeoire - Seminar location in Montieramay (10)
Located in Champagne at the center of a tourist axis on the RN 19, route de Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, our establishment has a beautiful space to accommodate business meals and professional meetings.
Max capacity: 180
Rooms: 3
Bedrooms : 32
Paulette - Seminar location in Reims (51)
If you are looking for a real unusual place to privatize, this is it! Located in a historic gallery in the city center of Reims, your concept food in store paulette has everything you could imagine to spend a really good time with friends, colleagues, customers, VIPs ...
Max capacity: 15
Rooms: 1
Le Delko - Seminar location in La Veuve (51)
Meetings and seminars: Le Delko near Châlons en Champagne. Organize your meetings and seminars in our dedicated room between Chalons en Champagne and Reims
Max capacity: 25
Rooms: 1
Restaurant Cheval Blanc - Seminar location in Sept-Saulx (51)
Today, after several months of work to renovate the place while maintaining the patina of past generations, the restaurant opened its doors to welcome back the Champenois, and other curious travelers willing to be seduced by the know-how chief, Laurence Cuasante.
Max capacity: 24
Rooms: 2
Auberge du Cygne de la Croix - Seminar location in Nogent-sur-Seine (10)
The Park lounges of the Auberge du Cygne de la Croix offer a set of modular function rooms, with an area of ​​250 m², which can accommodate, depending on the specific facilities.
Max capacity: 180
Rooms: 3
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