Team building and seminar in 5 mills in Upper Normandy

Organize a team building and seminar in a mill in Upper Normandy
You don't know how to find a seminar location in a mill in Upper Normandy? We have selected rental rooms for you in a mill to organize a team building and seminar. Below you will discover a selection of seminar and symposium rooms in a mill in Upper Normandy.

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- List of mills where to organize your team building and seminar in Haute-Normandie.
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Discover the others mills in the different towns in Upper Normandy: Ande, Fourges, Bâlines, Croisy-sur-Eure, Connelles.

Rental of seminar and team building rooms in a mill in Upper Normandy

5 establishments found
Moulin de Connelles - Seminar location in Connelles (27)
The MOULIN DE CONNELLES, an elegant Anglo-Norman half-timbered manor house dating back to the 18th century, is bathed in a light typical of this Seine valley, which was dear to the impressionist painters of the XNUM-th century. It has a restaurant and a private lounge for your business meetings.
Max capacity: 40
Rooms: 2
Bedrooms : 12
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Le Moulin d'Ande - Seminar location in Ande (27)
The Andé mill, a unique setting to make your meetings, study days, seminars, product launches, training courses, meetings more fruitful, striking, energizing ...
Max capacity: 100
Rooms: 4
Bedrooms : 34
Moulin de Fourges - Seminar location in Fourges (27)
In the heart of Vexin Normand, less than an hour from Paris and Rouen, Le Moulin de Fourges offers a green seminar stopover for your management committees and other professional events. An intimate and bucolic place with impressionist colors where participants meet in the garden, near the river or by the fireside.
Max capacity: 24
Rooms: 1
Bedrooms : 9
Moulin de Bâlines - Seminar location in Bâlines (27)
For your professional receptions, the Moulin de Bâlines offers you a privileged space that will allow you to invite your guests in a peaceful atmosphere in a convivial atmosphere.
Max capacity: 22
Rooms: 1
Bedrooms : 8
Le Moulin du Bechet - Seminar location in Croisy-sur-Eure (27)
Le Moulin du Bechet is a place green, quiet, ideal for organizing your business events.
Max capacity: 80
Rooms: 4
Bedrooms : 12
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Your choice of a mill in Upper Normandy is perfect for planning your team building and seminar. Can't find a mill in Upper Normandy? Discover our selection of rooms to rent in mills in Upper Normandy. We suggest a non-exhaustive list of the best-known conference locations, plus it is preferable to do a more precise and in-depth search for team building and conference rooms in mills in Upper Normandy, by going to the search criteria page.
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