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Organize a team building and seminar in a circuit / karting in Auvergne
Can't find a team building location on a circuit/karting in Auvergne? We have chosen rental rooms in a circuit / karting for the organization of seminars and team building. You will consult the index of places for team building and seminars and conferences in a circuit / karting in Auvergne further down in this section.

You can submit the details of your meeting to us to organize a team building and seminarusing SOS Events in a circuit / karting in Auvergne.

We are able to offer you other seminar and team building establishments in a circuit / karting in Auvergne. Aleou helps you rent seminar rooms in Auvergne. With ALEOU, immediately rent your team building location for planning a corporate event.

- List of circuits / karting where to organize your team building and seminar in Auvergne.
- Find a list of circuits/karting where you can organize your team building and seminar in the departments: Mix, Cantal, Haute-Loire, Puy de Dome

Also check out the others circuits / karting in the main towns in Auvergne: Clermont-Ferrand, Riom, Issoire, Saint-Genes-Champanelle, Cayrols.

Rental of seminar and team building rooms in a circuit / karting in Auvergne

5 establishments found
Charade circuit - Seminar location in Saint-Gènes-Champanelle (63)
With complete equipment and a strong team at the service of your event, the Circuit de Charade offers you a unique offer dedicated to companies combining work, sensations and leisure in an exceptional environment.
Max capacity: 120
Rooms: 3
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Auverdrive - Seminar location in Issoire (63)
Auverdrive is a unique event concept. Our seminar, meeting and reception areas benefit from modular hi-tech buildings in an exceptional landscape in the heart of our motor racing circuits.
Max capacity: 380
Rooms: 3
Speed2max - Seminar location in Clermont-Ferrand (63)
Event karting for team building in Puy-de-Dôme in Clermont-Ferrand. We have a seminar room with a capacity of 60 to 80 people to organize your work meetings or company meals.
Max capacity: 80
Rooms: 1
Circuit Sarron - Seminar location in Riom (63)
You want to bring together your employees, your salespeople, your members ... for your seminars, event operations, public relations, product launch, sales meetings ... Choose the best trajectory for your customers, employees and suppliers with the many sporting activities and leisures of the Sarron Circuit!
Max capacity: 50
Rooms: 1
Circuit Le Lissartel - Seminar location in Pers (15)
The Karting de Pers provides you with exclusive top-of-the-range infrastructures and equipment for your seminars and team building in Cantal (15).
Max capacity: 30
Rooms: 1
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Choosing a circuit / karting in Auvergne is optimal for the organization of your team building and seminar. A problem finding a circuit / karting in Auvergne? We have selected for you locations for your event in circuits / karting in Auvergne. We recommend a non-exhaustive list of the most sought-after team building locations and seminars, however you have the choice to do a more detailed and in-depth search on team building locations in circuits/karting in Auvergne, directly on our page. multi-criteria search.
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