Team building and seminar in 24 business centers overseas

Organize a team building and seminar in a business center / seminar overseas
You don't know how to find a seminar room in a business center/seminar overseas? We have selected rental rooms for you in a business/seminar center to organize a team building and seminar. Here you will discover the list of places for team building and seminars and symposia in a business center / seminar in Overseas.

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- List of business centers where to organize your team building and seminar in Overseas.
- Find a list of business centers where you can organize your team building and seminar in the departments: Guadeloupe, Guyana, Réunion, Martinique, Mayotte, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Wallis-et-Futuna

Here are the others business centers in various cities overseas: Saint Paul, Fort-de-France, Saint-Pierre, Buffer, Cayenne, St. Louis, Port (The Harbour District), Baie-Mahault, Sainte Marie, Sainte-Suzanne.

Rental of seminar and team building rooms in a business center / seminar in Overseas France

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24 establishments found
Saint-Paul business center - Seminar location in Saint-Paul (974)
Choosing Cœur d'affaires in Saint-Paul for your event in Réunion means benefiting from an ALL-INCLUSIVE offer in an enchanting environment!
Max capacity: 18
Rooms: 3
Beauséjour Sport Club - Seminar location in Sainte-Marie (974)
The Club House of the Beauséjour Sport Club includes two fully equipped seminar rooms, which will allow you to hold meetings in absolute calm and relaxation. Thus, à la carte formulas may be offered to you.
Max capacity: 50
Rooms: 2
Domaine de Nayjee - Seminar location in Sainte-Suzanne (974)
The Domaine de Nayjee is a privileged location for the organization of corporate events in Reunion. Thanks to its large capacity Creole domain, a spacious outdoor space with sea view, our structure can accommodate meetings, business events, team building and more.
Max capacity: 80
Rooms: 1
Bedrooms : 3
La Petite Bulle - Seminar location in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains (974)
Enjoy your professional event outside the classic 4 walls, and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Nestled at the bottom of our garden, you can find an equipped, air-conditioned seminar room that can accommodate your employees.
Max capacity: 80
Rooms: 1
RG Academy - Seminar location in Le Tampon (974)
New in the town of Le Tampon, RG ACADEMY offers 3 equipped and connected meeting rooms for hire, including 2 training rooms (with video conference) that can accommodate up to 16 people each.
Max capacity: 40
Rooms: 3
Le Cozy - Seminar location in Fort-de-France (972)
Le Cozy is a seminar space in Fort-de-France in Martinique for anyone wishing to organize a business meeting in complete freedom!
Max capacity: 14
Rooms: 1
Espace Sonate - Seminar location in Fort-de-France (972)
Espace Sonate a multifunctional space at the service of your seminars in Martinique.
Max capacity: 200
Rooms: 3
Le Spot - Seminar location in Baie-Mahault (971)
At Spot Coworking, we provide our space for the organization of your events: seminars, conferences, business meetings, presentations, cocktail party, showroom ...
Max capacity: 60
Rooms: 2
Bees Work - Seminar location in Cayenne (973)
Your new Café-coworking space in the heart of the Hibiscus eco-district in Cayenne. We develop step by step solutions adapted to the needs of nomadic workers. The workspace is our specialty.
Max capacity: 30
Rooms: 1
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La Fabri'c by Adopte un roof - Seminar location in Saint Louis (974)
La Fabri'c is a real business center of over 850 m², whether you are a professional or a private individual.
Max capacity: 120
Rooms: 6
Lizine La Mare - Seminar location in Sainte-Marie (974)
Rental of professional event spaces in Reunion. The Atelier du HUB, our fully modular light space, allows you to accommodate up to 120 people in different formats for all types of professional events: seminar, conference, training ...
Max capacity: 120
Rooms: 1
Lizine Savanna - Seminar location in Saint-Paul (974)
Lizine by CBo Territoria has a meeting room in Savanna, available for coworkers as well as outside companies and visiting professionals.
Max capacity: 20
Rooms: 1
Espace Muskag - Seminar location in Cayenne (973)
Seminar venue in Guyana, the Muskag space is a place where you can organize your meetings between employees in a friendly atmosphere like at home!
Max capacity: 40
Rooms: 1
The Island Cayenne - Seminar location in Cayenne (973)
Co-working space accelerator of societal innovation with a seminar room to rent for your business meetings in Guyana in Cayenne.
Max capacity: 15
Rooms: 1
Buro Club Guyane - Seminar location in Cayenne (973)
BURO Club allows you to organize a business meeting on the outskirts of the city center for your business in Cayenne, Guyana. The business center offers rental of equipped offices and meeting room as well as additional services
Max capacity: 12
Rooms: 1
Lizine Grands Bois - Seminar location in Saint-Pierre (974)
LIZINE by CBo Territoria has 2 meeting rooms, available to coworkers but also outside companies and professionals.
Max capacity: 20
Rooms: 2
Espace Loulou - Seminar location in Fort-de-France (972)
Room rental according to your image and your needs. For work meetings, videoconferences or to work in peace.
Max capacity: 15
Rooms: 1
Be Booster - Seminar location in Le Fort-De-France (972)
Looking for a seminar room to work in peace? Benefit from a private space, furnished and equipped in Dillon Free Zone.
Max capacity: 45
Rooms: 3
Buro Club Baie Mahault - Seminar location in Baie-Mahault (971)
The BURO Club center is located in Baie-Mahault, home to the largest shopping center and the most important industrial zone of Guadeloupe, the economic activity zone of Jarry Houelbourg. 3 rooms are available for your meeting.
Max capacity: 25
Rooms: 3
The Associative Pole Tuner of Guyana - Seminar location in CAYENNE (973)
L'Accordeur, the associative center of Guyana, has a space that can be privatized for Guyanese ESS associations and businesses!
Max capacity: 100
Rooms: 1
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The choice of a business/seminar center overseas is unique for the organization of your team building and seminar. Are you looking for a business/seminar center overseas? We can offer you locations for your event in business centers overseas. We offer you a range of the most popular conference locations, but it is preferable to do a more rigorous and complete search about event locations in overseas business centers, by launching a search on our engine multi-criteria.
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