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Find caterers among 84 providers for the organization of your seminar in the Pays de la Loire.
The Pays de la Loire region is perfect for organizing a seminar. You don't know how to find a 'catering' service provider in the Pays de la Loire? We have chosen rental seminar rooms in the Pays de la Loire. 84 catering providers for the organization of seminars and conferences in Pays de la Loire:
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- Departments: Loire Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire, Mayenne, Sarthe, Vendée.

84 catering providers for your seminar or conference in the Pays de la Loire

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Bon Btend - Seminar location in ST-BARTHELEMY-D'ANJOU (49)
Pays de la Loire / Maine-et-Loire / Le Plessis-Grammoire
Type of service :Catering
We accompany your company in the organization of all these events: business breakfast, seminar, congress, gala, inauguration, end-of-year meal ... To do this we offer a range of seated meals, cocktails and buffets . On study our Chef will be pleased to offer his team building gourmet around his ...
Lerouge Traiteur - Seminar location in LE MANS (72)
Type of service :Catering
From the cocktail that punctuates with a festive note a meeting, at the cocktail party, snack or relaxing break, through a welcome breakfast, a meal in the form of tray, buffet, a seminar lunch or a gala dinner.
Traiteur Lebot - Seminar location in Thouaré-sur-Loire (44)
Pays de la Loire / Loire Atlantique / Thouare-sur-Loire
Type of service :Catering
Since 1979, Lebot accompanies you in the organization of your events. A buffet, a cocktail, a seated meal, our team will find the formula that suits you. We select with you, refined dishes that will compose your menus. Our chef selects fresh, local and seasonal products, all in originality.
Saudeau Traiteur Gastronomy - Seminar location in SAINT-LEGER-SOUS-CHOLET (49)
Pays de la Loire / Maine-et-Loire / Saint-Leger-sous-Cholet
Type of service :Catering
Saudeau Traiteur offers personalized services: Organization of cocktails, buffets, delivery of meal trays, catering menus, seated group meals (35 to 1500 people) ... Our 20 years of know-how and expertise will allow us to help you. offer a tailor-made event. We offer you an ideal site for your receptions ...
Le Petit Luce - Seminar location in SAINTE-LUCE-SUR-LOIRE (44)
Pays de la Loire / Loire Atlantique / Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire
Type of service :Catering
Your caterer in Sainte-Luce for your professional events. Le Petit Luce traiteur offers a full range of catering services for businesses. At all corporate events, Le Petit Luce offers you a unique and tailor-made service. Our many years of experience with professionals and our know-how ...
Maison Billaud - Seminar location in LES SABLES D'OLONNE (85)
Pays de la Loire / Vendée / Sables-d'Olonne
Type of service :Catering
With many years of experience, the Maison Billaud located in Les Sables d'Olonne in the department of Vendée (85), puts its catering services at your disposal to ensure all your: receptions, banquets, weddings, business meals, meal trays, Italian groceries.
Oh My Brunch - Seminar location in THOUARE-SUR-LOIRE (44)
Pays de la Loire / Loire Atlantique / Thouare-sur-Loire
Type of service :Catering
Tired of meal trays where endless cocktails? Think of our brunch box for your meals in business! It is the ideal way to share a moment of exchange and conviviality with your employees and your customers around a delicious and surprising lunch. Our Brunch Box, allow you to not get lost on a meal and ...
Maison Marsollier - Seminar location in CHÂTEAU-GONTIER-BAZOUGES (53)
Type of service :Catering
Congresses, seminars, gala evenings ... Are you looking for a caterer? Do you want to surprise your guests or associates in a landmark meeting or important moment in your business? The Maison Marsollier uses all its know-how to help you transmit a strong message, creating according to ...
Antarès Traiteur - Seminar location in MONTEVRAULT-SUR-EVRE (49)
Pays de la Loire / Maine-et-Loire / La Boissiere-sur-Evre
Type of service :Catering
The Antarès Traiteur personalizes your event to meet your requirements, so your buffet can be served cold, or with a hot dish, plancha, brunch ... Cook and pastry chef for 20 years, Marina and Gaël fell in love with French gastronomy while working for renowned caterers and starred restaurants. It's for...
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Niel Traiteur - Seminar location in LE LION D'ANGERS (49)
Pays de la Loire / Maine-et-Loire / The Lion d'Angers
Type of service :Catering
Our house is inspired by experience, by the good mastery of flavors, but also by the love of the profession and the local and international culinary art. Our recipe concepts adapt to each type of event. We develop and innovate dishes every day to satisfy your expectations and your guests. Niel Traiteur: French know-how ...
Mercier Caterer - Seminar location in SAINT-LAURENT-DES-AUTELS (49)
Pays de la Loire / Maine-et-Loire / Saint-Laurent-des-Altars
Type of service :Catering
A catering team for your inaugurations, conferences, seminars ... Our catering team is committed to doing everything possible so that you can freely enjoy your inaugurations, conferences, seminars, gala meals, open days ... Our know-how, our experience and our knowledge of flavors at your service ...
At the heart of Flavors - Seminar location in LE MANS (72)
Type of service :Catering
With several years of experience, Au Coeur des Saveurs your caterer in Le Mans in Sarthe, prepares and organizes company meals. For an evening, a seminar, a cocktail or a buffet, our team makes all the assortments, dishes and dishes you have selected. For your corporate event in Sarthe, trust ...
La Parisienne - Seminar location in SAINT-NAZAIRE (44)
Type of service :Catering
La Parisienne Traiteur: a professionalism appreciated by the pros! Seminar lunch or dinner, lunch cocktail or aperitif, buffet ...
Midi et Demi - Seminar location in SAINT-HERBLAIN (44)
Type of service :Catering
Let's create events that look like you! Big or small, events are always good times to share and there are plenty of opportunities for sweet and salty to come together around a cup or a delicious fruit juice. With midday and a half, your eyes will open with pleasure. Our idea, offer you a restoration ...
Le Val d'Evre - Seminar location in ANCENIS (44)
Type of service :Catering
The history of Val d'Evre Traiteur is first and foremost the story of a family adventure, written since 1948 and perpetuated today by the grandchildren of the founder: the duo of managers Maryline and Yannick Biteau. Two enthusiasts surrounded by a team in their image, where all talents work in tune, at the service of the client. With a priority ...
Maison Renault - Seminar location in Laigné-en-Belin (72)
Pays de la Loire / Sarthe / Laigné-en-Belin
Type of service :Catering
Specializing in the organization of high-end receptions for 30 to 3.000 guests, RENAUD Traiteur operates in the Paris region and in western France, notably in Angers, but also in Le Mans as part of the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans International Circuit.
Rabouin Caterer - Seminar location in Nort-sur-Erdre (44)
Type of service :Catering
The experience and know-how of the shop since 1968, guarantee you a service at the height of your event. The Catering service is at your disposal to organize all your receptions and business meals, from 10 to 900 covered.
Sonnet Catering - Seminar location in LAVAL (53)
Type of service :Catering
Use Sonnet Traiteur to ensure the success of your reception, whether family, professional or otherwise. Charcutiers-caterers, we take in hand the preparation of the feast of your event: cocktail dinners, aperitif cocktails ...
Le Grand Gourmand - Seminar location in CHATEAU-GUIBERT (85)
Pays de la Loire / Vendée / Château-Guibert
Type of service :Catering
Le Grand Gourmand offers to accompany you during your various corporate events. We can offer you our tailor-made services such as meal trays during your meeting, cocktails for your product launches, cold buffets or hot buffets during your seminars, or any other ...
Type of service :Catering
Brison Traiteur is 30 years of expertise, greedy passion to your service and the assurance of a handcrafted from quality products.
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The Pays de la Loire region is ideal for planning your event. Having a problem finding a 'Caterer' service provider around Pays de la Loire? Discover our selection of seminar rooms for rental and service providers in the Pays de la Loire. We offer you a non-exhaustive selection of 84 the most popular 'Catering' providers, in addition we advise you to carry out a more precise and exhaustive search for 'Catering' event providers in the Pays de la Loire region, by going to on our multi-criteria search engine.

Here are various providers for your seminar in the Pays de la Loire region: MSP Consulting, Imprimerie Pollina, Nissaflor, Sedim, IRL Games, Navy, Autonomous Events, Loire Odyssey, Perfume of Flowers, Laser Army.
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