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Find caterers among 20 providers for the organization of your seminar in Franche-Comté.
The Franche-Comté region is perfect for organizing a seminar. You can't find a 'Caterer' service provider in Franche-Comté? We have chosen seminar rooms to rent in Franche-Comté. 20 catering providers for the organization of seminars and conferences in Franche-Comté:
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- Departments: Doubs, , Haute-Saône, Jura.

20 catering providers for your seminar or conference in Franche-Comté

20 providers found
Les Saveurs du Mont Noir - Seminar location in FONCINE-LE-HAUT (39)
Franche-Comté / Jura / Foncine-le-Haut
Type of service :Catering
The butchers Charcuterie Les Saveurs du Mont Noir is located in downtown Foncine le haut. We offer a quality catering service by preparing all your private or professional meals from A to Z.
Baud - Seminar location in BESANCON (25)
Type of service :Catering
BAUD brings together in a single entity pastry professionals, chocolate makers, ice cream makers and cooks, as many talented tastes who share the same credo: passion for their profession, promotion of quality products while respecting artisanal products.
Malugani Frères - Seminar location in MONTBELIARD (25)
Franche-Comté / Doubs, / Montbeliard
Type of service :Catering
Malugani Brothers, caterer and pastry chef in Montbéliard and Voujeaucourt. For your receptions and seminars, our company Malugani Frères, professional caterer-pastry cook, prepares a tailor-made meal that is perfectly adapted to your event. We create a free quote for both professionals and individuals.
Maison Courbet - Seminar location in BESANÇON (25)
Type of service :Catering
Courbet House is your ally for the organization of your professional and confidential events: cocktail parties, work meetings ... To answer your strategic business challenges, we offer a solution adapted to your receptions
Franche-Comté / Haute-Saône / Echenoz-la-Meline
Type of service :Catering
Arnaud Begeot - Butcher, Charcutier, Catering: cocktail vegetables, surprise bread, mini pâtés, various verrines ...
Franche-Comté / Doubs, / According to court
Type of service :Catering
Our dishes are prepared to order, ensuring fresh! We offer a varied and complete map from appetizer to dessert, while being made "house" in our lab!
Franche-Comté / Jura / Montmorot
Type of service :Catering
For more than 20 years now, Le Clos Fleuri has provided you with a CATERING service. Buffets, prestige menus, cocktails...
Type of service :Catering
theme buffets composition with the most original desserts. All family meals or business until 200 people.
Carteron Traiteur - Seminar location in LES AYNANS (70)
Type of service :Catering
My entire team, passionate about our profession and quality products, offers you an unforgettable event for your receptions in Lure, Vesoul, Belfort and throughout Franche-Comté. For every occasion, we have the buffet or the menu that will delight all taste buds. We promise to amaze your guests with our buffet presentations ...
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Cottin Traiteur - Seminar location in EMAGNY (25)
Type of service :Catering
The Maître artisan caterer of Émagny is the trusted provider of major events. Whatever the nature of the reception and the number of guests, Maison Cottin deploys the means adapted to the event. For daily use, she also designs meal trays that she delivers directly to the company at the customer's request.
Franche-Comté / Doubs, / Herimoncourt
Type of service :Catering
Catering: Weddings - Banquets - Lunches - Special occasion ... With us you are in the right!
Type of service :Catering
For all receptions, the Doubs Gourmet, caterer butcher butcher in Doubs near Pontarlier, offers a varied and delicious cuisine.
Bonnet - Seminar location in BESANÇON (25)
Type of service :Catering
Maison Bonnet adapts to your needs and puts its culinary and event expertise at your service. Aperitifs, lunch or dinner cocktails, your events are prepared with fresh and quality products. Enhance your cocktails with our hot or cold culinary activities: pierrade, minute cooking or cutting, offer to ...
Musy - Seminar location in AMANCEY (25)
Type of service :Catering
Maison Musy has been in Amancey for over 30 years. At your service, your professionals offer you their catering service as well as their skills as master roasters. This is how your professionals offer you to delight the taste buds of your guests through their catering service, whether at home, in the ...
Caterer L'Etape - Seminar location in LAVONCOURT (70)
Type of service :Catering
In a green, quiet setting, Sandrine and Yves Courbet will introduce you to creative cuisine according to the seasons. Compose your buffet for your family and professional events thanks to our assortments of raw vegetables, fish, meats and cold cuts, cheeses and desserts.We offer you for your private aperitifs and ...
Bonnet Georges - Seminar location in PONTARLIER (25)
Franche-Comté / Doubs, / Pontarlier
Type of service :Catering
La Maison Bonnet puts at your service professionalism and experience to organize cocktails, gala dinners, prestigious events, inaugurations, product launches, seminars, conventions, congresses, lunches and working meals. Contribute to the refinement of your events & offer you the best of the catering profession. Prestance ...
Type of service :Catering
Located in Vesoul in the Haute Saone (70), your artisan butcher butcher caterer offers exclusively French meats, selected for their quality. Depending on the season, according to your desires ... discover the many recipe ideas, tips and taste surprises delivered with passion and experience by Mr. Charton and his team.
Franche-Comté / Jura / St. Claude
Type of service :Catering
Catering in the Jura: Dinners dancing - meals catered cocktail buffets-weddings-receptions, meal tray, delicatessen, regional products ...
Type of service :Catering
Catering: Winner of the Golden Mercury and Rabelais gastronomy. A shared emotion.
Ramassamy butcher shop - Seminar location in SAINT-CLAUDE (39)
Franche-Comté / Jura / St. Claude
Type of service :Catering
Want an original meal to enjoy during an event? Call the Boucherie Traiteur Ramassamy in Saint-Claude.
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How to find caterers for your seminar in Franche-Comté?

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The Franche-Comté region is ideal for planning your event. Having a problem finding a 'Caterer' service provider around Franche-Comté? We have chosen locations for your event and service providers in Franche-Comté. We present to you a non-exhaustive choice of the 20 most sought-after 'Catering' providers, however we advise you to carry out a more detailed and complete search on the subject of 'Catering' conference providers in the Franche-Comté region, by going to the search criteria page.

Here are some providers for your seminar in the Franche-Comté region: Staccato, Caps, Schraag printing, House Ramel, Poppy Flowers, Event carpet, Restaurant of the Bell, Power Kart Indoor, Comedy, Restaurant Lida Ya.
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