Organization of team building for seminars and congresses in Auvergne

Find a team builder among 11 providers for the organization of your seminar in Auvergne.
The Auvergne region is perfect for organizing a seminar. You don't know how to find a 'Team building organization' service provider in Auvergne? We have selected rooms to rent for you in Auvergne. 11 team building organization providers for the organization of seminars and congresses in Auvergne:
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- Departments: Cantal, Haute-Loire, Puy de Dome.

11 service providers Organization of team building for your seminar or conference in Auvergne

11 providers found
Imag'In Drone - Seminar location in CHAMALIERES (63)
Auvergne / Puy de Dome / Chamalieres
Type of service :Team building
How to make your potential customers dream? Thanks to the most original good communication. The drone can offer your event an unusual dimension by creating a report for you, from the assembly to the dismantling of your event with aerial views. To make matters worse, the drone produces no noise pollution and is environmentally friendly ...
Spy Escape - Seminar location in CLERMONT-FERRAND (63)
Auvergne / Puy de Dome / Clermont Ferrand
Type of service :Team building
Enter an "Escape Room" (place of the investigation) and you will be instantly transported to another place, to another time. You are directly on a mission. You have one hour to complete it. For this, you will have to solve several puzzles by mixing observation and deduction. Form your team and come discover our ...
VTT Evasion - Seminar location in SUPER-BESSE (63)
Auvergne / Puy de Dome / Besse-et-Saint-Anastaise
Type of service :Team building
Come and discover the resort of Super-Besse as you've never seen it before. Rent your mountain bikes, follow the marked trails of the resort and live the mountain experience differently.
Crapa'Hutte - Seminar location in ISSOIRE (63)
Auvergne / Puy de Dome / Issoire
Type of service :Team building
Close to Clermont and Issoire, the 100 hectares of the Moidas estate, beautifully set on a granite plateau, offer an exceptional playground for sports activities. The leisure center offers you an unobstructed view of the Auvergne volcanoes park. But it is above all the charm and authenticity of the village, overlooking the gorges...
Alti Arena - Seminar location in LE-PUY-EN-VELAY (43)
Auvergne / Haute-Loire / Le Puy-en-Velay
Type of service :Team building
We welcome companies for their annual or one-off events, training or team building days. We are equipped with a meeting room with video projector, screen and wifi to hold your meetings.
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Vintage Driving - Seminar location in YTRAC (15)
Auvergne / Cantal /Ytrac
Type of service :Team building
We welcome you to our Aurillac base to experience an exceptional adventure aboard a legendary vehicle: the Land Rover DEFENDER. Behind the wheel or as a passenger, you will experience off-road driving in the magnificent setting of Cantal. Combining the pleasure of off-road driving and discovery of the great outdoors, our courses ...
Photo Matic - Seminar location in FLAT (63)
Type of service :Team building
Are you organizing an inauguration, a corporate evening, a product launch, a birthday, a seminar, a party, an event? Are you looking for nice entertainment for your evening? Installed in the same room as the cocktail / meal, our Photobooth type photo booth terminal will photograph guests alone or in groups to ...
AuverQuad - Seminar location in SAINT-GENES-CHAMPANELLE (63)
Auvergne / Puy de Dome / Saint-Genes-Champanelle
Type of service :Team building
Quad activity for companies. In the heart of the Parc des Volcans, in the historic area of ​​the Charade circuit and on more than 82 hectares, come and discover a site dedicated to all terrain where all the capacities of a quad are exploited. Our staff includes 2 qualified instructors, a fleet of Arctic cat 350 H1 two-seater and protective equipment ...
Studio Escape - Seminar location in AUBIERE (63)
Auvergne / Puy de Dome / Aubiere
Type of service :Team building
Come and discover your new Escape Game center, Studio Escape, in the heart of the La Pardieu technology park in Clermont-Ferrand! Beyond making your employees discover a new experience, the Escape Game by Studio Escape helps strengthen the conviviality and cohesion of your teams in a fun and immersive setting. The...
Mobilboard - Seminar location in SUPER BESSE (63)
Auvergne / Puy de Dome / Besse-et-Saint-Anastaise
Type of service :Team building
Our teams provide your employees with unforgettable moments around participatory scenarios. 100% mobile and customizable! We organize your activity on Segway gyropods from an agency or at the location of your choice. You choose the number of participants, the theme, the day and the duration of your ...
Sensas Clermont-Ferrand - Seminar location in CLERMONT-FERRAND (63)
Auvergne / Puy de Dome / Clermont Ferrand
Type of service :Team building
SENSAS Clermont-Ferrand is an immersive and fun sensory experience located in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The concept of SENSAS is based on stimulating the senses through a series of puzzles and challenges to be taken on as a team. During your visit to SENSAS, you will be immersed in an intriguing universe where your senses will be put to the test. YOU...
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How to find a team builder for your seminar in Auvergne?

Search and find a team builder in Auvergne

The Auvergne region is ideal for planning your event. Having difficulty finding a 'Team building' service provider near Auvergne? Our event experts offer you venues for your event and service providers in Auvergne. We are revealing to you a choice of 11 of the most renowned 'Team building organization' providers, however we advise you to carry out a more precise and complete search on 'Team building organization' seminar providers in the Auvergne region, directly on our website. multi-criteria search page.

Here are various providers for your congress in the Auvergne region: The Ombelles, Spy Escape, The Amuse Bouche, TNT, Langlois Receptions, The Cromesquis, Flavors of Yesteryear, Osmose Print, Imag'In Drone, Mobilboard.
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