Audiovisual production for seminars and congresses in Limousin

Find an audiovisual production among 2 service providers for the organization of your seminar in Limousin.
The Limousin region is ideal for organizing a seminar. You can't find an 'Audiovisual production' service provider in Limousin? We have selected rooms to rent for you in the Limousin. 2 audiovisual production service providers for the organization of seminars and conferences in Limousin:
Aleou helps you rent seminar rooms in the Limousin. With ALEOU, quickly hire your audiovisual production service provider for the organization of a professional event in the Limousin.

- Departments: Haute-Vienne.

2 service providers Audiovisual production for your seminar or conference in Limousin

2 providers found
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Jean-Philippe Commin - Seminar location in LIMOGES (87)
Type of service :audiovisual production
Passionate about the world of image and audiovisual creation, I offer you my services regarding filming, video editing but also media design.
Antony COMINO - Seminar location in COUZEIX (87)
Type of service :audiovisual production
Audiovisual production in Haute-Vienne, shots, montages, 3D computer graphics images during seminars and professional events.
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How to find an audiovisual production for your seminar in Limousin?

Search and find an audiovisual production in Limousin

The Limousin region is perfect for organizing a seminar. Are you looking for an 'Audiovisual production' service provider in Limousin? We have chosen rooms to rent and service providers in Limousin. We present to you a non-exhaustive list of 2 most renowned 'Audiovisual production' providers, in addition you can do a more detailed and in-depth search concerning 'Audiovisual production' providers of seminars in the Limousin region, directly on our search page multi-criteria.

Here are various providers for your seminar in the Limousin region: Michard Brewery, Patrice caro, Cie event, Canoe Kayak Eymoutiers, Bistrot Forget, Coste Agency, Iva Dubuissez, Granet Catering, The Basque Moment, Antony COMINO.
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