Terms and Conditions

ALEOU is a SARL with a capital of 550 €, registered with the RCS of Meaux. The SIRET number is 000 431 925 and the head office is located at 031 allée des acacias 5 Mareuil-lès-Meaux. ALEOU publishes online a guide of places and providers linked to the event with event organizers.
Any signature of the Purchase Order (BDC) in particular to advertise on the site www.aleou.fr implies acceptance by the establishment of these terms and conditions. The Signatory recognizes either be the legal representative of the institution is duly authorized by their legal representative to accept, in its name and on its behalf, the present GTS.

Article 1 -Definitions
The Establishment is a professional (legal or natural person) identified in the BDC he signed.
The Content is the set of information (texts, photos, ...) provided by the Establishment describing its establishment or service. The content is published on the site may be modified online at any time by the establishment through its login and personal password.
The Service is publishing content on the site www.aleou.fr and the benefits specified in the BDC.

Article 2 -Object
The Terms are intended to define the terms and conditions of the subscription service. In this context, the Content published on Aleou www.aleou.fr for the period and on the terms described in the BDC. This is a service reserved for professionals who wish to communicate with professional event organizers. The BDC shall take precedence over any document from the establishment or his representative, including all the general conditions of purchase.

Article 3 control -Modes
The validation of the order by ALEOU is a contract between the parties. ALEOU is committed only by the terms of its validation. If the establishment goes through an intermediary, it is subject to compliance with these Terms. The establishment on whose behalf he acts is ultimately responsible for his obligations. The start and end dates of publication are given as an indication but are at least equal to the duration fixed in the BDC.

Modification or cancellation of the order
The order may be canceled modified or suspended within twenty-four (24) hours of sending the order. After this period, the order will be final and the amounts are due in full.
It is for the institution to provide the content for the publication on www.aleou.fr. Otherwise, the institution remains obliged to full payment of the amounts due.

Article 4 -Execution Service
Content will be provided by the establishment at least 1 (one) week prior to publication. Otherwise the space reserved by the Establishment may be resold without the institution can claim compensation or a full or partial refund.
Aleou then charge to format and publish content. The establishment then has 2 working days of pure integration request corrections. They can then use their username and password to make changes to its card.
Following the practice, Aleou remains free to refuse any content, without having to justify it, without the institution can claim compensation and without it the exemption from payment of previously published content.
The Establishment will make some changes on its page via a username and password. For other applications the Establishment may contact Aleou that he performs within the limit of two (2) per year.
The Establishment may cancel its publication without being able to claim any refund even part of the total price.
Aleou publishes content of many event-places and providers that can be potentially competitors of the institution or in connection with his activities; The institution recognizes and accepts.
No exclusivity can be granted to the institution.
Aleou left alone to decide what content they publish on all pages of the site including on the pages of the institution.

Article commitment-5 of the Establishment
The Establishment is committed to providing Aleou exact content that:

  • faithfully represents the services and products offered,
  • do not mislead users,
  • respect the laws in force (in particular on competition)
  • respects property rights,
  • is not fraudulent,
  • is not false advertising.

The Establishment expressly declares:

  • Hold all rights and authorizations necessary for the publication of the content provided, have the rights to the published photographs, that the content is in full compliance with the regulations in force and that it is neither discriminatory nor defamatory.
  • The establishment exudes Aleou any vis-à-vis content and agrees to indemnify Aleou for any harm they may suffer because of it.
  • The property takes full responsibility against any trouble, claim or action in relation to this content and will take care of itself.
  • Unless otherwise provided in the collaboration agreement validated in writing by ALEOU, the Establishment undertakes to pay 10% excluding tax of commission on all of the turnover brought to it by ALEOU and on the requests made by customers who come to the part of ALEOU, even if Establishment already knew the final customer and this without tariff increase.
  • Under an order with warranty, the Establishment agrees to comply with its commitments under Article 7.

Article 6 of commitment-Aleou
Aleou held only to an obligation of means and not of results and therefore warrant or guarantee the commercial efficiency of the delivery except as part of benefits with guarantees that are specified on the BDC. In this case, the execution conditions are specified in Article 7.
Aleou reserves the right to suspend temporarily and without notice the service without the institution can not require this title or the payment of damages or early termination of the service. Furthermore, given the nature of the Internet, Aleou disclaims any responsibility in case of failure, interruption or impairment of access to the site resulting from the telecommunications network, the connection means used by users and / or the establishment or any other cause outside Aleou.
In case of liability Aleou were to be sought in any capacity whatsoever, damages and all reparations owed by Aleou, all causes shall not exceed the amounts paid by the institution for the year during which the damage occurred.
As part of the contacts made by our service seminar ALEOU is in no way responsible for disputes that may arise between the establishment and event organizers.

Article 7-Guaranteed
In some cases, the announcement on www.aleou.fr may be subject to guarantees specified in the
BDC. If nothing is specified on the BDC, Aleou is not bound to any guarantee of results in accordance with Article 6.

These guarantees can be 3 type:

  • Warranty Hits: This is the number of clicks on the listing of the Establishment during the release period.
  • Warranty Application: This is the number of seminars requests made through us for event organizers during the period of publication. Requests that the Establishment could get to his announcement live on through www.aleou.fr do not fit into this framework. The requests are made by email and Aleou not be held responsible if the establishment does not receive. Aleou is not required to make special requests or meet certain criteria.
  • CA Warranty: This is the amount accumulated HT quotes signed by clients who has been through Aleou during the period of publication.

Application of safeguards:

  • Warranty Visits: The number of authentic click is that given by Aleou. Aleou certify the accuracy of such information.
  • Warranty Request: Even if the establishment does not receive or respond to the request for any reason (not receiving the email, availability, capacity, standing, adequacy of the request, ...), that It will be counted in the number of requests that Alouou must make to the establishment.
  • CA Warranty: From the time the establishment will not quote or unresponsive realized within two (2) business days an application by Aleou, Aleou reserves the right to cancel completely the guarantee without the Establishment can require as such or the payment of damages or early termination of the service or even partial refund.

Execution of guarantees:
Aleou agrees to extend no charge all or part of the services ordered by the Establishment as all the guarantees was not achieved unless the establishment has not complied with one of its commitments (Article 5) and / or conditions for the safeguards defined in Article 7. In this case Aleou is no longer required to extend beyond the agreed period on the BDC or all of the benefits without the institution can not require this title or the payment of damages or repayment even partially.
Under no circumstances will the establishment be able to demand the payment of damages and interest, or the partial reimbursement of the service if ALEOU does not fulfill the guarantees.
Once all the guarantees has been reached, Aleou is released from his vis-à-vis the establishment commitments.

Article 8: Payment Terms
The price indicated on the BDC. Billing is done at the time of control and is in the name of the establishment or his representative. In case of failure of the intermediary, the Establishment is required as principal debtor, the settlement of the unpaid debt.
Payment is in cash. The Establishment waives in any event the benefit of any amount it deems it to be due by Aleou to exonerate the commitments it has made in particular its payment obligation.
Late payment
In accordance with legal and regulatory requirements, late penalties are applied if the sums due are paid after the due date on the invoice. These penalties, an amount equal to three times the legal rate of interest of the current calendar year, will begin to run from the day following the due date on the invoice. They are payable automatically without any reminder.

Furthermore, any late payment at maturity will result found:

  • a suspension of the publication of all current orders, this suspension cannot be considered as a termination by ALEOU, nor opening any right to compensation for the Establishment,
  • The cancellation of all guarantees Aleou,
  • The payment of all amounts due and to become due, including any costs of recovery procedure,
  • The cancellation of any rebates made.

Article 9-time of publication, renewal and termination

The duration of release is stated on the BDC. The renewal is done automatically for the same duration as that of the first BDC unless otherwise stated on the BDC. Termination is by registered letter with return receipt to the earlier four (4) months prior to the deadline stipulated in the BDC and no later than one (1) months before it.

Article 10-Force Majeure
ALEOU is released from its obligation to publish the Content following the occurrence of any fortuitous event or force majeure, circumstances having an external cause, as well as any act of fact or law emanating from any third party, independent of the personal fact of ALEOU and preventing it directly or through a third party to meet its obligations. Under these circumstances, any delay in publication can not justify the cancellation of the order or give rise to damages, and can not in any way waive the establishment of payment for the Content actually published.

Article 11-Privacy
The Establishment is the only guarantee of the confidentiality of its access data. It undertakes to inform Aleou immediately of any unauthorized use of his login and password, and / or any breach of confidentiality and security of their means of identification.