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Organize your team building seminar in Mulhouse?

Team Building at MULHOUSE: Why choose Mulhouse as a venue?

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Organize your team building seminar in Mulhouse? - Kinepolis Mulhouse (68)Kinepolis Mulhouse (68)
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List of seminar venues and convention related to Mulhouse

Why choose Mulhouse for your next team building seminar?

Mulhouse is located in the department of Haut Rhin in the Alsace region and has an exceptional living environment allowing everyone to organize team building and professional meetings by perfectly combining work and relaxation. The city, located in the lower part of the plain of Alsace, Is just 30 kilometers from the Swiss, 14 kilometers from Germany and is a strategic meeting point for all professionals who want to meet in the eastern part of France.

The city's rail and road infrastructure has been modernized in recent years. Coming and getting around in this Haut Rhin town, the 34th in terms of population, has become even easier. It is an ideal place for seminars and conferences to bring your guests together in a quality environment.

The seminar venues are both numerous and varied and there are also many luxury hotels like the Novotel Mulhouse Metz that Congress spaces (The Kinepolis Mulhouse and the exhibition center) or even more atypical places ...

For those wishing to organize residential seminars, There are ten hotels with the renowned staff for their great sense of hospitality. Each employee will therefore lodge with great ease and comfort.

For dining, we can recall that Alsace is above all renowned for the quality of its wines: Gewurztraminer and Crémant d'Alsace. The most popular dishes are sauerkraut, snails, cold cuts, regional cheeses. Finding a restaurant is very easy since the city has more than 100. “Le Petit Sot L'y Laisse”, “Pic-vit”, “Acropolis” and “entrecôte” are among the most famous.

Seminar Mulhouse in figures ...

Number of rooms 10-250 seats      : > 10 seminar rooms, conference or meeting.
Number of rooms 215-1000 seats   : > 5  seminar rooms, conference or meeting. 
Number of rooms: > 1200 rooms for residential seminars.

The activities you can do in Mulhouse during your team building

During your team building in Mulhouse, your guests will have many possible activities:

Mulhouse offers a wide range of heritage tours:
o Numerous technology museums
o Klapperstein
o Place of the meeting
o The Protestant Time
o La Maison Mieg

Less than an hour away, you'll be in the mountains, in the most prestigious ski resorts such as:
o 3 valleys,
o 2 Alps
o Seven Laux,
o Villard de Lans etc.

You can practice all winter sports and mountain activities all summer:
o Climbing,
o paragliding,
o snowmobile,
o canyoning,
o cycling etc ...

How to get to Mulhouse?

By heaven
The airport, which has a futuristic terminal offers hundreds of destinations in France and abroad.

Distance from major cities:

o Amsterdam: 685 km   
o Barcelona: 1004 km
o Berlin: 852 km    
o London: 763 km  
o Luxembourg: 311 km  
o Marseille: 682 km
o paris: 464 km
o Lyon: 371 km
o Stuttgart: 247 km

By train
Mulhouse The station is served by the East European TGV and recorded many national and international movements daily.

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