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Team building - NIORT (Deux-Sèvres): Legendary Adventure - Escape Game

Legendary Adventure - Escape Game (Team building): NIORT - ALEOU

Legendary Adventure - Escape Game

Escape Game in Niort with 2 rooms / 2 themes (from 2 to 6 players per room):

- Mystery district:
A very ancient legend speaks of a mysterious district in which it would be possible to obtain a precious elixir of eternal life ...
This story says that some people have already tried to confront it, but that none of them managed to recover this fabulous potion. Some elders even say that there are still people trapped in these places.
Is all this real? Can such an elixir really exist? How do you find this neighborhood and can you really come back?
I was told about this place, a legendary adventure, which would be one of the gateways, but I'm not crazy!
Besides, who would dare to risk his life there forever?

- Save Niort :
In 1692, a frightening giant winged snake was taking refuge in a vast underground passage on Avenue Saint-Jean. He came out of his lair to devour men, women, and children throughout the city. Terror reigned ... He played the traps, broke the iron ties that hugged him, and put the armed men to flight who were daring enough to fight him.
One day, a former soldier named Jacques Allonneau, sentenced to death, asked for his pardon in exchange for the death of the monster.
The governor hastened to accept this proposal ...
Thus, clothed in armor, an iron mask, and a dagger, Allonneau advanced towards the lair of the dragon, which responded to this provocation by rushing at the soldier, seeking to crush him under its enormous weight. Keeping his cool, the hero plunged his dagger deep into the monster's throat. Protected by his armor, Alloneau managed to free himself.
In a hurry to enjoy his triumph, he took off his mask to contemplate the agony of his enemy. At this precise moment, the dragon, of its last strength, rushed to its face, injecting it with a lightning venom.
Jacques Allonneau therefore died near the corpse of the monster he had just defeated.
324 years later, his descendant, Drice Allonneau, nicknamed "Dragonneau", wants to avenge the death of his ancestor. For this, he took possession of a Dragon egg for the sole purpose of raising it and reducing the Niort population to nothing.
It's your turn to save Niort by grabbing the Dragon's egg. Attention, Dragonneau has implemented several protection systems! You will need a lot of intelligence to succeed in obtaining it, knowing that Dragonneau does not stay far away from its precious egg…
Activity: Team building

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79000 Niort
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Legendary Adventure - Escape Game (Team building): NIORT - ALEOU
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