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Congress places for the event organization and renting a conference room

events organization - New Cap Event Center (75) - Capacity> 1000 participantsNew Cap Event Center (75) - Capacity> 1000 participants
events organization - Saint-Etienne Convention Center - (42) Capacity> 2000 participantsSaint-Etienne Convention Center - (42) Capacity> 2000 participants
events organization - Eurosites Salle Wagram (75) - Capacity> 1000 participantsEurosites Salle Wagram (75) - Capacity> 1000 participants
events organization - Space charenton (75) - Capacity> 4000 participantsEspace Charenton (75) - Capacity> 4000 participants
events organization - Lille Grand Palais (59) - Capacity> 20000 participantsLille Grand Palais (59) - Capacity> 20000 participants

Organize professional congresses

The conference can be organized in Marseille, Lyon, Paris ... and are organized as a rule at fixed frequencies, the Congress events are initiated by associations, learned societies, international organizations, governments, universities or research centers.

These are meetings of organizations and exchanges on a specific topic, such scientific, technical, medical, cultural, ecological... Which allow dissemination and exchange of knowledge, exchange of experiences on a given topic between specialists in the same discipline. These interprofessional working meetings bring together a large number of participants; financial participation is usually requested to delegates.
During the conference, several modes of intervention can be considered to rhythm the event:

Types of events for the professional congress

  • The conference : The conference is an isolated intervention (speaker, specialist ...), often didactic purpose, followed by a discussion with the audience. It usually happens in plenary. It aims to give voice to a leading expert who by his intervention under the general reflection or turning to new perspectives.

  • The workshop: The workshop aims to reflect a group of people on a predetermined issue to achieve some proposals and work paths. This is a sequence in closed session. The discussion can be based on reactions to the intervention of the plenary, it can also be based on a short speech at the beginning of workshop or over written previously distributed to participants.

  • The round table : The roundtable aims to confront a number of experiences that are more on practical than scientific analysis, presented succinctly by targeted stakeholders, or introduced by some participants. This is usually a time to work in closed session, but the panel may also find its place in plenary. It calls for direct dialogue between speakers and listeners.

There are also other forms of intervention that are more individual contacts, custom course:

  • Booths: The establishment stands conceives especially in an institutional promotion dimension. Without being too apporcher of the form "living room", it may be interesting for some projects consider the establishment of an area of ​​stands. It facilitates decision contacts with participants instituionnelles, groups. It offers participants a free wandering space, where everyone chooses according to its interests to stop wherever he wants.

  • The demonstration sessions: The demonstration sessions can be considered in various forms: it can be simple projections of audiovisual media, présentatons specific tools (hardware, IT or otherwise) of specific experiments presentations ... Any activity inthe which the public is led to see, to listen, to manipulate, to confront his immediate experience.

Venues for conferences in Paris and the Ile-de-France

To organize a convention in Ile-de-France, in Paris, Aleou suggest the following locations:

Maison de la Chimie (Paris - seventh district) Historical prestige Place located in the seventh arrondissement.
Eurosites Salle Wagram (Paris - XVII arrondissement) Listed building, the room was completely renovated retaining its period decor.
Charenton space (Paris - XII arrondissement) Congress locations in Paris offering more 3000m² of modular space.

Venues for conferences in Marseille, Lyon, Lille and Province

To organize a conference near Nantes, Lyon or Marseille, Aleou suggest the following locations:

Saint-Etienne Congress Centre (Saint Etienne - Rhone-Alpes) Its modular amphitheater and ten meeting rooms make it an ideal place to organize a conference near Lyon.
Lille Grand Palais (Lille - Nord Pas de Calais) His 4 auditoriums and meeting rooms can accommodate up twenty 20 000 participants.
Pullman Marseille Palm Beach (Marseille - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) The Pullman Marseille Palm Beach is a contemporary design hotel which can host events of 500 participants.

Aleou created the brand "Meeting-pro"For organizing your conference.
Several years of experience especially in the organization of medical conferences, guarantee a turnkey service! Meeting-pro : Your Congress organization.

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